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Penn & Teller Discuss Gun Control

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WARNING: ***Some offensive content/language.***


Video – High Frequency Trading – The Machines Have Taken Over (Oct 2012)

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High Frequency Trading (HFT) deeply concerns Eric Hunsader, founder of Nanex. He worries that today’s investors, our regulators, — heck, even the HFT algorithms themselves — don’t fully understand the risks market prices face in the brave new era of bot-dominated trading.

For instance, Hunsader estimates that HFT algorithms are responsible for 70%(!) of all completed transactions on our exchanges, and for 99.9%(!!!) of all exchange quotes.

Video – Exodus Now! – Bishop E.W. Jackson (Sept 2012)

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Virginia pastor Bishop E.W. Jackson gave this impassioned 12 minute speech at the National Press Club on Sept 29, 2012:

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No disagreements (couldn’t agree more)

Video – Legalized Plunder of the American People – G. Edward Griffin

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Video – Catherine Austin Fitts – Sept 2012

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Video – David Stockman Interview – July 2012

July 26, 2012 2 comments

David Stockman is the former Budget Office Director under Ronald Reagan. 

This interview seemed particularly candid – although I question everything, particularly the motivation for someone like this to go on record.  Perhaps, one let’s his guard down a bit as one grows older.  Question everything.

David Stockman Interview (30 min)

What strikes me about this interview is the predictive value it provides for assessment of what will happen in our country or in the northern hemispher in general:

  • 4:45 mark – Austerity is not voluntary, it is a result of bankruptcy.
  • 8:55 mark – The great “Reset” or “Unwind” will occur from a loss of confidence in the US Treasury market – which is the “heartland” of the entire  global financial complex.
  • 14:00 mark – Our economy is run by a defacto politburo of 12 guys on the FOMC.
  • 19:09 mark – WWI was funded by the Fed which led to govt. defecit spending and the consequent roaring 20s – followed by the crash.
  • Interesting to note it took 13 weeks to triple the US debt


  • The only way to conform America and it’s gun-toting populace is to bankrupt it.  Austerity is coming.
  • There is absolutely a central conspiracy – what he does not allude to is that the 12 FOMC members work for the private un-disclosed share holders of the Federal Reserve.  (more on that in separate post)
  • War is the next crisis upon which resultant money printing will occur – this is the cover needed to implement this step.  Martial law, capital controls and mass inflation is coming – maybe by 2014.
  • You do not reach positions of political or banking power in the Anglosphere without being an insider – this puts Bernanke and Stockman in the same category.

I think the US will see a bit of a reprieve for the next 1 – 2 years before the great “Reset” – possibly longer.  You can’t turn an oil tanker on a dime, it takes time.  You may even see artificially induced optimism – all of which reinforces normalcy bias, delays action and lures more into becoming debt slaves.  Get out of debt.

Next year (12/23/2013) is the 100 year anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act which established the communist central banking institution which was the instrument used to transform our country.  Bernanke’s term ends January 31, 2014.  That’s 39 days in between those events or 3 x 13 which is highly symbolic.  There is reportedly an astrological “Cardinal Grand Cross” involving mars from 12/23/13 – 1/1/14 which is highly symbolic.  Expect big things around that time and following soon after.