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Prescient Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts – Sept 2012 (commentary)

I will give a detailed address about what did not occur (thankfully) on August 12 a little later on (for anyone who is still reading this blog!) – October or perhaps after the election (not to sound OCD about it, but I don’t believe anything has changed). I will only reiterate that my thoughts on this particular matter as well as all of the specifics related to it, did NOT originate from the Lord (obviously) – they were mine.

I have been pondering the significance of the latest “rally” in gold/silver due to the high expectation of QE(Next) which has been bantered around for over a year now. However, the whole thing has that scripted narrative feel that raises my antenna of dubious caution . . . As the saying generally goes, “If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.” (attibuted to the late Paul Newman). Smells like a short-term set-up. I wonder if we’re not in for a market takedown soon. Peruse the mainstream media financial sections, get a sense of the general prevailing wind (particularly when multiple sources are reinforcing the same meme – e.g. “things appear to be turning around, markets have room to move upward, etc . . .”) – then go do the opposite.  Long-term, gold and silver are on a controlled ascent.

Digitial money is the goal, NOT a gold standard. It is all about control. Gold and silver have a place, but don’t put everything into it – the speculative play is close to ending in my opinion – keep a percentage as insurance.

This Greg Hunter interview (he’s okay) with Catherine Austin Fitts (she is one to follow), is one of those “watch it twice” things that deserves a post. I would only add or modify the following:

Trust in the Lord. He will do amazing things if you will only permit Him to do so. The adage of “LET GO (hard as it is sometimes) and LET GOD is absolutely true. He will not disappoint! Lord give us courage!
Pay off your debts. You cannot achieve wealth under the burden of debt. There is always a play to be made, but you need to have the reserve to do it with when opportunity arises. PAY OFF YOUR DEBTS.
Invest in your community. Get local, get real, get communal. Invest in real things, invest in land, invest in people, invest in the kids in your community who will be your future, invest in your community.
Righteousness – Wealth – Desire – Liberation. In that order. Obtaining wealth is a legitimate endeavor – you cannot help others when you yourself have to beg.

Here’s the link just in case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwKbpLFL7Hw&feature

Watch it twice! (by the way, the BOLD statements are from the Lord – praise God)

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